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Bobbin Kit The Sew Stack
Noble Notions

The Sew stack is perfect for a long trip or a crafting afternoon with friends. The Bobbin Kit Sew Stack is a modern storage system for bobbins and thread spools. Each bobbin tray holds up to 40 bobbins and contains two bobbin trays and a lid. Add trays as needed and you can just keep stacking. Latex free and made in the USA.

Size: 6.5” x 6.5" x 2.5"

This item will ship in a box.

Check out the Sew Stack in action in this video from our YouTube channel.

SKU# Notion-SSB-001

Price: $39.95 per box
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Bobbin Kit The Sew Stack<BR>Noble Notions

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Product Information
Product Type Notions
Notion Manufacturer Noble Notions
Notion Type Bags, Tins & Storage
Accessory Type Storage

You are currently reviewing Bobbin Kit The Sew Stack
Noble Notions

Finally! Bobbin storage that works! Review by carole

I have been waiting forever for a bobbin storage solution that works. I have a pretty sweet collection of donut shaped rubbery things that would be better suited for use as bracelets than for storing bobbins. If the bobbins don't fit snugly (and none of mine ever have,) they flop around in the channel and unwind themselves while I am sleeping. And there's a funny green and green colored thingy shaped kind of like a Christmas tree. I think I will hang some little ornaments on it becuase it failed so spectacularly for bobbin storage. This item is priced as luxury bobbin storage, but it actually keeps the bobbins where you put them. They don't migrate to other regions. They don't unwind. They don't mate with other bobbins and spawn pretty little tangles. My bobbins remain happily single, and don't ever change. Score.

(Posted on 11/19/16)

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