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A Scrapbook of Quilts Book by Carrie Nelson & Joanna Figueroa for It's Sew EmmaA Scrapbook of Quilts Book by Carrie Nelson & Joanna Figueroa for It's Sew Emma
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Sew Sampler Quilting Subscription Box

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Patriotic Quilt Fabric Patriotic Quilt Fabric

Patriotic Quilting Fabric

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Videos & Quilting Tutorials
Chain Piece the Mini Cake Mints Shortcut Quilt! Make this easy and awesome Shortcut Quilt with four Mini Charm Packs (or 1 Charm Pack cut in fourths) and one Layer Cake! The Mini Cake Mints quilt looks impressive with traditional postage stamp blocks, but comes together like magic thanks to time-saving chain-piecing tips. Learn More
FREE Advanced Quilt Block Pattern - Lend and Borrow Classic & Vintage How many half-square triangles are in this block? Kimberly will walk you through making one block of the Lend and Borrow Quilt as part of our Classic and Vintage Series.
While this block may not be for the faint of heart, Kimberly breaks down every step for you so you can conquer this quilt!
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Quick & Easy No-Sew Farmhouse Home Decor We’ve ripped up this quick and easy stash busting tutorial that takes two minutes! Kimberly shows you how to make this no-sew, farmhouse home décor with a foam ball, some fabric and applique pins. So let’s get pinning! Shop Our Bundles


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