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The most popular Creative Grids Rulers are at Fat Quarter Shop! Choose from a wide selection of non-slip Creative Grids quilt rulers and Creative Grids cutting mats. Find about every quilting ruler size you can imagine and you can find the one you need here whether it be squares, rectangles or other shapes.

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Creative Grids Rulers for Quilting

Whether you're a novice or experienced quilter, one of the must-have tools of the trade is your quilting ruler. Creative Grids rulers come in various shapes and sizes to help you through even the most challenging quilting projects.

Having the proper Creative Grids quilt ruler can make your quilting work so much easier. Even if you're making a simple quilt, the right ruler can save you time and effort – and make your finished work look its best. Straight, clean cuts go a long way toward giving your quilt a beautifully finished look.

From rectangular rulers to square rulers for quilting, you'll find the best measuring tools at Fat Quarter Shop. Creative quilters will appreciate that we also carry rulers for unique cuts – they're great time-savers when you find yourself cutting multiples of a particular shape. Find all the quilting rulers you need at Fat Quarter Shop today.

What Is a Creative Grids Quilting Ruler?

A Creative Grids quilt ruler may come in just about any shape and size imaginable and is made of clear, heavy-duty plastic. These quilting rulers have easy-to-read black and white markings that easily indicate the measurements. Creative Grids rulers also feature a special grip on the back which when light pressure is applied keeps it from sliding across the fabric.

Fat Quarter Shop carries Creative Grids rulers because they have a reputation for being incredibly accurate. As we all know, quilting is a precise art, and if your measurements are off, it can affect the look of your finished quilt.

Square Rulers for Quilting Beginners

If you're just starting to quilt, choose a square ruler the size of the blocks you're cutting for your project. For example, if your pattern calls for 9-inch finished blocks, purchase a 9 1/2-inch square ruler for quilting. You'll need an extra 1/4-inch around the edge of the block for your seam allowance.

Square quilting rulers have a diagonal line that runs through their center. Following the diagonal helps you get a truer square when you're working with patchwork pieces.

Along with square quilting rulers, a novice should also invest in a long rectangle ruler, which is used for cutting narrow strips and borders. Long rulers are also good for squaring up your quilt edge before you bind it.

Creative Grids Rulers for Experienced Quilters

More adventurous quilters may choose one of these Creative Grids rulers to streamline cutting for a complex project:

  • Stripology Ruler: With cutting slits positioned every 1/2 inch, the stripology ruler allows you to cut strips of fabric that are exactly the same size.
  • Equilateral Triangle Ruler: This is a handy tool if your quilting project calls for pieces in the shape of a 60-degree triangle. Creative Grids also makes triangle rulers in different degrees to match various quilting projects. When you have many triangles to cut out, a triangle ruler can really speed things up.
  • Creative Grids Scrap Crazy Quilt Rulers: These rulers in irregular shapes are ideal for anyone who's making a scrap quilt.

Frequently Asked Questions About Creative Grids Rulers

At Fat Quarter Shop, we're always happy to answer any questions you may have. Here are answers to some common questions about Creative Grids rulers.

Why Does a Creative Grids Quilt Ruler Have Gripper Holds?

The little non-slip circles built into the back of your Creative Grids rulers glide over the fabric when you're putting it into position, but as soon as you apply pressure, they grab the material to keep it from sliding around when you're trying to cut it. These gripper holds make cutting your fabric much easier.

What Type of Cutting Tool Works Best With a Quilting Ruler?

A rotary cutter works best for cutting quilting fabrics. It slices your fabric cleanly and accurately without leaving jagged edges, as scissors may do. Fat Quarter Shop offers a wide selection of rotary cutters from all the leading manufacturers.

Why Are There Centering Lines on Square Quilting Rulers?

These horizontal and vertical lines indicate the center of square quilting rulers. You can use the markings if you want to square up and trim an embroidered or appliquéd block.

Fat Quarter Shop Has the Finest Selection of Creative Grids Rulers

If you want the cut of your fabric to be clean and accurate every time, choose Creative Grids rulers from Fat Quarter Shop. We have the quilting ruler that will make your next task a breeze. Make sure you have all the fat quarters, bundles and jelly rolls you need, too. Fat Quarter Shop has everything to satisfy your passion for quilting.