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Dritz Notions

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  • Clover Desk Needle Threader Clover #4073

    Dritz Thread Cutter Caddy
    Dritz #3456

    Dritz Thread Cutter Caddy is the perfect little organizational tool for holding your tiniest notions. Cut threads with ease and keep buttons, beads, needles and other small notions handy.

    Size: 2" x 2 " x 2.25"
    Price: $9.98 per package
  • Dritz Thermal ThimblesDritz #82445

    Dritz Thermal Thimbles
    Dritz #82445

    3 heat-resistant silicone thimbles that help you press your clothing and fabrics without burning your fingers. They are designed to fit the index finger and thumb on either hand
    Price: $5.38 per package
  • Dritz Large Soft Comfort ThimbleDritz #204-L

    Dritz Large Soft Comfort Thimble
    Dritz #204-L

    Dritz Soft Comfort Thimble features soft sides for comfort and openings that allow your finger to breathe. Its hard, textured tip protects your finger while also preventing your needle from slipping. Size: Large
    Price: $3.88 per package
  • Dritz Stitch WitcheryDritz #227

    Dritz Stitch Witchery 0.25" x 20yd
    Dritz #227

    Dritz Stitch Witchery fuse baste zippers, trims, pockets, quilt labels and more. Match plaids and prints by fuse basting seams. Washable and dry cleanable.
    Price: $2.24 per package
  • Dritz Sew On SnapsDritz #85

    Dritz Sew On Snaps
    Dritz #85

    Dritz's clear sew on snaps can be used to hold overlapping edges together. Their transparency helps to blend with any color fabric. 12 snaps included in package.
    Price: $1.58 per package
  • Dritz Heavy Duty Snap Pliers KitDritz #24P

    Dritz Heavy Duty Snap Pliers Kit
    Dritz #24P

    Heavy Duty Snap Pliers are good for applying heavy duty snaps and western heavy duty snaps on jackets, coats, skiwear, boat covers, reversible garments and more. Kit includes all tools needed to apply snaps to your projects.
    Price: $22.98 per package
  • Dritz Black Heavy Duty SnapsDritz #5-3

    Dritz Black Heavy Duty Snaps
    Dritz #5-3

    Black Heavy Duty Snaps are perfect for jackets, coats, skiwear, boat covers and more. Package includes seven size 24 snaps.
    Price: $5.84 per package
  • Sewing Box KitDritz #27084A

    Sewing Box Kit
    Dritz #27084A

    Share a love of sewing with a wonderful 11 piece kit. The perfect starter set for any beginner, this includes all the basic sewing notions! Includes many tools ideal for the new sewer.
    Price: $29.98 per package
  • .

    Dritz Quick Turn Set of 3
    Dritz #796

    Easily and quickly turn your fabric tubes inside-out. Great for spaghetti straps, scrunchies, quilting decorations and much more. Includes three cylinders and three rods.
    Price: $8.74 per package
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68 Item(s)

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