Fat Quarter Bundles (Quarter-Yard Fabric)

Fat Quarter Bundles are collections of fat quarters from fabric lines including Moda Fabrics, Art Gallery, Riley Blake Designs and more. Fat Quarters are a quarter-yard fabric cut wide (hence the name fat). Their approximate size is 18 x 21 inches. Need some inspiration? Check out our Fat Quarter Bundle Quilt Patterns today!

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  1. 1800s Bella Solids Fat Quarter Bundle| Curated by Fat Quarter Shop
    Price: $35.98 Sale: $35.98 per bundle
    $35.98 per bundle
  2. Lydia's Lace Fat Quarter Bundle | Betsy Chutchian for Moda Fabrics
    Lydia's Lace Fat Quarter Bundle
    Betsy Chutchian for Moda Fabrics
    Includes 33 fat quarters. Price will be $141.98. Expected ship date of April 2 ...
    Price: $141.98 Sale: $141.98 per bundle
    $141.98 per bundle

Creating a Quilt With Fat Quarter Bundles

Using fat quarter bundles is a great way to build your next quilt. Even though you're starting with a bundle of cotton fabrics that share a common theme (or complementary colors), you can still provide your personal touch by adding materials to the mix that incorporate different textures, shades and designs.

How you choose to finish your creation will put your unique stamp on the quilt you sew. The trim, backing fabric and quilting technique you use put the exclamation mark on your finished quilt.

If you need a little help getting inspiration, check out our selection of fat quarter quilt patterns. Each pattern has been designed especially for fat quarter bundles.

The Difference Between a Fat Quarter and a Quarter Yard of Fabric

If you buy a quarter yard of fabric, you'll get a piece of material that's 9 inches x the width of fabric (typical cotton fabric is around 42 inches wide). A quarter yard of fabric is useful for strip-piecing. That's when long pieces of fabric are sewn together and cut into patchwork segments.

On the other hand, a fat quarter measures 18 inches x 21 inches. To cut a fat quarter, you'll start with a half-yard of fabric, cut it 18 inches along the lengthwise grain, then cut it in half. Fat Quarter Shop has made it easy for you by creating pre-cut fat quarters that are ready for your next quilting project.

Fat Quarter Bundle Quilting FabricFat Quarter Bundle Quilting Fabric

How To Use Fat Quarters

Whether it's for patchwork or appliqué, a fat quarter offers versatility. It's ideal for sampler quilts. There's enough fabric in a fat quarter bundle to make just about any quilt block pattern, whether your taste runs to vibrant colors or neutral tones. Many of our fat quarters feature exclusive bundles from popular manufacturers like Moda Fabrics.

Fat Quarter Fizz: Easy Quilting Video Tutorial

Make a quick and fun fat quarter quilt using our FREE Fat Quarter Fizz pattern. All you need are 10 light and 10 dark fat quarters and you are ready to sew. This is fun quilt that can be completed in a short amount of time so relax and have fun quilting with Kimberly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fat Quarter Bundles

Here are answers to some of the questions we've received about fat quarters that may be helpful to you.

How Much Material Is Included in a Fat Quarter Bundle?

Fat quarter bundles may include anywhere from six to 42 fat quarters. Unless you're making a craft item or crib quilt, in all likelihood, you'll need to purchase other fabric that complements your fat quarter when you're making a quilt. Or, you can buy more than one fat quarter bundle to use in your quilt.

How Many Fat Quarters Do I Need to Make a Quilt?

Assuming that you'll use a 1/4" seam and a 2-inch allowance for selvage, the following will give you an idea of the number of fat quarters you'll need to make each size quilt:

  • King Size: 56
  • Queen Size: 35
  • Double: 30
  • Twin: 24
  • Throw: 12
  • Crib: 9

Do I Need a Pattern to Make a Quilt?

If you're new to quilting, it's a good idea to start with a pattern. We have numerous fat quarter quilt patterns you can use to create your personal work of art. Even though you're using a pattern, you can always add special touches to make the quilt your own.

Fat Quarter Shop Has the Fat Quarter Bundles to Make Your Project Amazing

Getting started on a quilt can be both exciting and a little daunting. Fat Quarter Shop can help you get going with stunning fat quarter bundles that get the creative juices flowing. From floral fabrics to rainbow designs, retro to modern, we have a large selection of designer fabrics in stock, and we're confident our quilters will find the materials and quilt styles that will bring joy and inspiration. Buy your fabrics at Fat Quarter Shop today!