2.5-Inch Jelly Roll Fabric

Jelly Roll fabric is a collection of 2 1/2" x 42" strips of quilting fabric produced by Moda Fabrics. Jelly Rolls fabric typically includes 40 strips of fabric, but can vary. Shop some of our top-selling Jelly Roll fabric designs. Other quilting fabric manufacturers offer similar products such as Bali Pops, Roll Ups, Rolie Polies, and Strip Sets - you get the picture! Need some inspiration? Check out our Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns today.

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  1. Florence Roll Up | Christiane Marques for Robert Kaufman Fabrics
    Florence Roll Up
    Christiane Marques for Robert Kaufman Fabrics
    Includes 40 2.5" x 42" strips of fabric
    Price: $42.98 Sale: $42.98 per 2.5 inch strips
    $42.98 per 2.5 inch strips

Jelly Rolls for Quilting

Jelly Roll fabric provides an easy, fun way to create a quilt. The strips are simple to sew together, forming a foundation for a broad selection of designs. You can cut and piece the strips together to make a wide range of patterns.

Fabric Jelly Rolls are perfect for patterns like Jelly Roll Rug, Jelly Weave and Jelly Rainbow. They're also well-suited for beginner quilt patterns like Jelly & Jam and Jelly Roll Jam. Whatever pattern you're planning, there are Jelly Roll quilt fabric strips that are right for your project. Our Jelly Roll fabric will complement the look and feel of your quilt.

Jelly Roll fabrics are one of many pre-cut fabrics we offer, and they're a perennial fan favorite. Easy to handle and maneuver, Jelly Roll fabric provides the convenience that many quilters crave. Whether you call them Jelly Rolls, Roll Ups, Bali Pops, Strip Sets or Rolie Polies, we have you covered with our extensive fabric line.

Jelly Roll Quilt Fabric Strips in a Rainbow of Colors

Name a color, and there are Jelly Roll quilt fabric strips in the hue you want. Curated for maximum effect, our Jelly Roll fabric is available in an eye-catching array of coordinated colors and designs. We have the fabric you need, whether you're creating a modern or traditional Jelly Roll quilt.

Floral prints, geometric designs and batik are just a few of the motifs we offer. We also have themed Jelly Rolls for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Easter and the Fourth of July, and Jelly Roll quilt fabric strips in solids ranging from pink and blue to black and brown. Our colorful selections will bring out your creative side. Beginners frequently like to use Jelly Roll fabric because the colors come pre-selected and much of the cutting is already complete.

Jelly Roll Quilting FabricJelly Roll Quilting Fabric

Get Your Jelly Roll Fabric from Fat Quarter Shop

If you want Jelly Rolls for quilting, you want Jelly Roll fabric from Fat Quarter Shop. We offer the widest selection of Jelly Roll quilt fabric strips at the best prices. You can rely on our Jelly Roll fabric for the quality you need. Colorful and convenient, our fabric options make quilting easy. Our durable, versatile fabric strips are made of 100% cotton. Shop our Jelly Roll fabrics now or contact us with any questions you may have.

Easy Jelly Roll Baby Quilt - Jelly Roll Sizzle

This easy Jelly Roll baby quilt will go to the top of your list for baby showers, nursery gifts, and quilts for the grandkids! Jelly Roll Sizzle is simple, quick and easy, and you can use any Jelly Roll you love. If you've made the Jelly Roll Jam quilt, you'll love Jelly Roll Sizzle. It's not just for babies either, download the FREE pattern for bigger quilt size options!

Frequently Asked Questions About Jelly Roll Fabric

How Much Fabric Is in a Jelly Roll?

Most standard jelly rolls contain 40 2-1/2-inch-by-42-inch strips. Junior jelly rolls usually hold 20 strips.

What Size Quilt Does a Jelly Roll Make?

A standard jelly roll generally provides enough fabric for a 50-inch-by-64-inch quilt.

How Much Batting Do You Need for a Jelly Roll Quilt?

A 50-inch by 64-inch jelly roll quilt needs a 60-inch by 74-inch piece of batting.