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At Fat Quarter Shop, we’re proud to offer you the best selection of quality quilt patterns. Whether you’re searching for modern quilt patterns, traditional quilt patterns, or timeless quilt designs that are somewhere in between, we can promise that your purchase will pave the way for your next amazing creation. Plus, we have a variety of quilting patterns for beginners, sewing patterns and cross stitch patterns! Explore our entire collection below to find your new favorite quilting patterns!

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  1. Hawthorne Downloadable PDF Quilt Pattern | Minick & Simpson
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  2. Victorious Downloadable PDF Quilt Pattern | Minick & Simpson
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Quilt Patterns to Jump-Start Your Next Project

If you're new to the art, beginner quilting patterns are a great way to get started. Easy to follow with step-by-step instructions, these simple quilt patterns will help you create a quilt design that'll be the envy of friends and family.

For the more experienced quilter, we have patterns for quilts that encompass a range of projects, from traditional to modern quilt patterns. Many long-time quilters will start with a basic pattern and add their own special touches to create one-of-a-kind quilt designs. Whatever your level of expertise may be, we invite you to look at our quilt patterns for sale and imagine the possibilities!

Download a Quilt Pattern

Start planning your next quilt design! Patterns are available in PDF format, which means they're downloadable & printable quilt patterns, allowing you to quickly get started on your next project.

And if you don't have enough fat quarter bundles on hand, you know where to order more. We have a bountiful assortment of fabric and all the quilting supplies to make your project a success. Quilting is pleasure when you have the right materials and tools to create something lovely, whether you ultimately display your quilt, snuggle under it for warmth or share it as a gift.

The Best Quilt Patterns Online Are From Fat Quarter Shop

Get started on your next work of art. Browse our quilt designs and patterns to find the one that dovetails with your needs. Whether your next quilting pattern is for a table runner, lap quilt, bed covering or other project, you're sure to find a selection of quilt patterns that get your creative juices flowing.

And if you still need ideas, you can always check out our selection of quilting & sewing magazines along with a large selection of quilting books . Browse Fat Quarter Shop today!

Quilting PatternsQuilting Patterns

Learn How to Make a Quilt - Beginner Quilt Pattern

Make a simple, beginner friendly quilt block with our free Stripes quilt block pattern in this part of our free Ultimate Beginner Quilt Series. We will cover the basics of how to prepare your fabric, whether starching, prewashing, or just pressing. Kimberly will show you how to safely cut fabric with a rotary cutter, how to change your rotary cutter blades, and finally how to sew your first quilt block. Learn best practices for ironing and pressing your quilt, and get some tips and tricks for quilting that will make sewing fun.

Frequently Asked Questions About Patterns for Quilts

What Are Some Popular Traditional Quilting Patterns?

While modern quilt designs and patterns may take the spotlight, it's the tried-and-true vintage quilt patterns that remain popular year after year. The most popular of these traditional quilt patterns include:

  • Log Cabin
  • Flying Geese
  • Sawtooth Star
  • Nine-Patch
  • Bear Paw
  • Baskets

What Size Squares Are Best for a Quilt Design?

Quilt blocks can be any size from 3" to 24" square, but 12" x 12" is likely to be the most popular. It's a great size for beginners, as it is the most common block size used in quilt design. And it can easily be broken into a 4-, 9-, 16- or even a 36-patch design.

What Are The Simplest Quilt Design Patterns For Beginners?

One of the easiest patterns for new quilters is the traditional charm quilt. Charm quilts, also called charm square quilts, are simply squares of different prints sewn together. Quilters commonly use Charm Packs and Layer Cakes for this type of quilt. It is great quilting practice for beginner quilters to piece an even charm quilt top. Then they simply add the batting and backing and quilt whatever pattern they like.

For beginning quilters, a smaller quilt size is recommended to start with for easier piecing and quilting. Beginners may also opt to shop for quilting kits that contain all the materials needed to sew a quilt.