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  • Highlighter TapeLee Products #HighliterTape-X

    Highlighter Tape
    Lee Products #HighliterTape-X

    Highlighter Tape is great for keeping your place on your quilting patterns or needlework chart. It is 1/2" wide and removable. Use different colors to highlight areas of your patterns and charts. Choose from Blue, Green, Pink, Purple or Yellow.
    Price: $4.24 each
  • Magnetic Seam GuideSew Tasty #N43521

    Magnetic Seam Guide
    Sew Tasty #N43521

    Magnetic Seam Guide is a cute and useful tool that helps ensure a consistent seam width and straight stitches. Available in Purple Zipper, Red Sewing Machine, or Yellow Ruler designs.
    Price: $3.24 each
  • Rose Gold ThimbleTacony #300RGDB

    Rose Gold Thimble
    Tacony #300RGDB

    Add some sparkle to your projects with these 15mm, 16mm and 17mm Rose Gold Thimbles, great for quilting, repairing and more
    Price: $1.98 each
  • Small Sassy ToteSullivans #3727X

    Small Sassy Tote
    Sullivans #3727X

    This strapped tote bag is perfect for organizing all of your tools in your sewing room. Click to choose from four colors: Black, Blue, Pink and Purple.
    Price: $13.98 per package
  • Thread Cutter PendantClover #45X

    Thread Cutter Pendant
    Clover #45X

    Take a thread cutter with you wherever you go with Clover's Thread Cutter Pendant! This thread cutter has a sharp circular blade protected by small notches, making it perfectly transportable.

    Click to choose from two colors: Antique Gold and Antique Silver.

    Size: 1.25" x 1.75"
    Price: $7.48 per package
  • Hex StorageGraphic Impressions #HEX

    Hex Storage
    Graphic Impressions #HEX

    Store your hexagons with ease. With seven compartments of various sizes, this storage container is a great way to keep all of your hexagons sorted and organized.

    Click to choose from three colors: Blue, Orange and Pink.
    Price: $4.48 per package
  • Crafty 60" Tape MeasureBohin #98577-X

    Crafty 60" Tape Measure
    Bohin #98577-X

    This crafty 60" retractable tape measure is available in five different colors and print combinations inspired by sewing. Includes inch and centimeter scales in black bold print.

    Click to choose from five colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Yellow.
    Price: $8.98 each
  • Jumping Jack Phone & Tablet ClipGraphic Impressions #JACK-CLIP-X

    Jumping Jack Phone & Tablet Clip
    Graphic Impressions #JACK-CLIP-X

    Jumping Jack phone and tablet clip is universal for all cell phones, e-books and many tablets. Allows for you to be hands free and multitask while your electronic safely rests upright or sideways, perfect to use in your work space. Click to choose from six colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink and White.
    Price: $3.58 per package
  • Smartphone Fan for iPhone & AndroidGraphic Impressions #SMRTPHN-IPHA-X

    Smartphone Fan for iPhone & Android
    Graphic Impressions #SMRTPHN-IPHA-X

    Enjoy cooling off with the Smartphone Fan, a travel size fan that can be powered by your iPhone and Android phone. Their colorful, unique and flexible designs are lightweight and safe to use.

    Click to choose from Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink and White.
    Price: $9.98 per package
  • Hook & Loop Finger Light LEDFamore #1007-X

    Hook & Loop Finger Light LED
    Famore #1007-X

    The Hook & Loop Finger Light features a bright white LED light great for illuminating small dark areas as well as details up close, perfect for sewing, quilting, embroidery, applique and more. Click to choose your color option.
    Price: $1.78 per package
  • X-Loli Fan Power BankGraphic Impressions #FBN-X On Sale

    X-Loli Fan Power Bank
    Graphic Impressions #FBN-X

    Stay cool and fully charged with the X-Loli Fan Power Bank, a travel size cell phone charger with a portable fan. Click to choose from Aqua, Green, Pink and White.

    Regular Price: $17.98

    Sale Price: $14.48 per package
  • 10" x 13" Mesh BagAlvin Co #NB1013

    10" x 13" Mesh Bag
    Alvin Co #NB1013

    Strong and functional made from high quality see-through vinyl with mesh webbing and a zippered top.

    Click to choose from three colors: Black, Blue and Red.
    Price: $4.98 per package
  • Tablet HolderGraphic Impressions #TABHOLD-X

    Tablet Holder
    Graphic Impressions #TABHOLD-X

    See your tablet at whatever angle you need with Graphic Impressions' Tablet Holder! Keep your PDF patterns and sewing guides handy as you sew! Locks in position with a simple click and fits any size tablet. Click to choose from Blue, Green, Orange and Red.
    Price: $5.48 per package
  • Stringblade Thread CutterQuilt Story #STRINGBLADE

    Stringblade Thread Cutter
    Quilt Story #STRINGBLADE

    Single Stringblade by Quilt Story is the perfect trimmer to have as you sew or hand stitch! It has an adhesive backing to stick on your sewing machine and it is small enough to fit right in between your quilt blocks when chain piecing. Click to choose from Aqua, Pink and White.
    Price: $4.48 each
  • Zirkel Magnetic PincushionZirkel #ZMOR

    Zirkel Magnetic Pincushion
    Zirkel #ZMOR

    Picking up sewing pins and needles just got easier. Zirkel Magnetic Pincushion repels and separates metal items such as sewing pins and needles to its edge in a fanned out pattern. Click to choose from Black, Lime, Pink, Purple, Red and Turquoise.
    Price: $18.99 each
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