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Matilda's Own Self Healing Rotating Cutting Mat | Matilda's Own #S242

Product Review (submitted on March 5, 2018):

I have watched so many FQS YouTube videos, and admired this mat from afar for a while. Every time I went to buy it, I talked myself into spending my money on cute fabric instead. Then a few months ago, I saw yet another great video that used it and went straight to buy it without even looking at fabric. No, really... I swear! I could not be happier that I made this purchase. Cutting was the part of quilting that I liked the least, and now I kind of enjoy it. I tend to use a lot of squares, and fussy cut, and so with this and square rulers, getting perfect little squares of fabric is a cinch. There is no repositioning of the fabric or the ruler, I just cut and turn and cut and turn. I am working on a quilt for my son and I'd been putting it off because it has SO much cutting... but with my sweet cutting turntable, it's a piece of layer cake! :)