Pixie Noel by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake Designs

Tasha Noel was inspired by her family's vintage pixie dolls to create a magical Christmas fabric line. Expanding into a growing collection full of animals, happy elves and natural imagery, Pixie Noel is a wholesome set that'll add lots of holiday fun to your stash. Surrounded by a forest full of white-coated Christmas trees, mushrooms, holly, birds and music in the air, pick some pixies and piece them in projects to your pleasure! Pair these prints with the corresponding Confetti Cottons Solids from Riley Blake Designs to create some fun holiday projects!

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  1. Pixie Noel 2 2.5" Rolie Polie | Tasha Noel for Riley Blake Designs
    Price: $39.98 Sale: $39.98 per 2.5 inch strips
    $39.98 per 2.5 inch strips
  2. Pixie Ville Row Quilt Pattern | Tasha Noel #P117-PIXIEVILLE
    Price: $13.74 Sale: $13.74 per pattern
    $13.74 per pattern