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Clover Dome Threaded Needle Case
Clover #625

Notion of the Month

Do you have trouble storing your threaded needled? This easy to use novel case for threaded needles not only neatly stores away your threaded needles but also winds up thread. No more tangles.

SKU# Notion-625

List Price: $9.50

Regular Price: $8.74

Sale Price: $6.12 per package

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Product Information

Do you have trouble storing your threaded needled? This easy to use novel case for threaded needles not only neatly stores away your threaded needles but also winds up your thread. No more tangles.

With the Dome Threaded Needle Case you can keep up to 10 threaded needles stored and ready to use anytime. It is perfect for taking on the go. The case keeps your needles safely locked in while you are on the move.
Size: 3.125" in diameter

Additional Information
Product Type Notions
Notion Manufacturer Clover Notions
Notion Type Sewing Notions
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You are currently reviewing Clover Dome Threaded Needle Case
Clover #625

What time saver Review by Maria

I purchased the Clover Needle Holder, when this item was on the Flash Sale. I hand sew my binding, and decided to use the Clover Needle Holder. I threaded 8 needles and placed the needles in the holder per the instructions. Per the instructions one is not to knot the thread prior to putting the needle in the holder.

Wow, each needle came out without being a tangled mess. It was huge time saver, there was no down time, I would tie off my old thread and pull out the new needle and thread. I pick up where I left off without skipping a beat. The Clover Needle Holder is great for traveling. Just remember do not knot your thread, once you have threaded the needle.

(Posted on 6/13/18)

The Best Keeper!!! Review by Irene

Wow, at first I wasn't sure if I would put this to use! However...I find it's my favorite "go to" when storing my sewing needles, "always ready" to stitch up in a pinch and no more "buried needles in my pincusion!" Love this!

(Posted on 1/23/18)

brilliant product Review by Jasmin

Makes binding a quilt so much easier... just preload some needles sit in front of the tv and get to work...no need to stop and thread the needle just grab a pre-threaded needle and move on. Great for hand quilting/sewing and stitching on the go.

(Posted on 1/23/18)

Best Needle Go Too Yet! Review by Irene

I rec'd this in my Sew Sampler and was I surprised how quickly I fell in "love w/this !" I have several colors of threads ready to sew and they are ALL neatly stored in this wonderful lidded lit'l holder! Did I say how much I LOVE this! :)

(Posted on 12/22/17)

Awesome Review by Connie

I received this in a Sew Sampler box and it is one of my favorite items. Have all those needles threaded before I start makes hand sewing go so much faster.

(Posted on 10/17/17)

Why did i wait so long? Review by marla

I *thought* I wanted one of these for a good while, but kept convincing myself it probably wouldn't work right. Then happy day, one showed up in my Sew Sampler box! It works perfectly and I love it for when I'm working on binding or large appliques...thread a bunch with the same thread when you sit down to sew, and no stopping (and squinting) for re-threads for quite a while!

(Posted on 10/16/17)

Clover Needle holder Review by Barbara

Awesome little tool for those who like to do needle work away from home.

(Posted on 10/16/17)

Omg for realz this changes things Review by Mathew

Never have I ever thought to like thread a whole bunch of needles before I go cop a squat somewhere for hand sewing. And then usually I'm all comfy cozy with Netflix on and after a bit it gets kinda hard for my eyes to adjust to rethread my milliners. Now I just thread all my needles and put them in this to store and carry with me to my spot and legit it's such a new experience.

(Posted on 3/15/17)

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