Guide to Cuddle Fabric

Cuddle fabric is a micro-fiber plush fabric, perfect for your ultra soft and cuddly quilt, blanket or cozy toy. We carry the Cuddle 3 Solids and the Cuddle Dimple from Shannon Fabrics. With heavier weight, stability, less stretch and durability, cuddle fabric is the most superior minky fabric in the world!

Tips for sewing with Cuddle Fabric:

  • Use a stretch or ball point needle (90/14) and a walking foot

  • Sew with a longer stitch length (3.0) and lighter tension

  • Cut binding piece 1 3/4" wide. Sew one side to the blanket with 1/2" seam, turn and attach raw edge on other side to your blanket with a serpentine or wide zig-zag stitch.

  • Sew with a 1/2 inch seam allowance

  • Use 505 Spray Adhesive

  • Machine Wash cold and do not use liquid fabric softener

  • Tumble dry on low or cool setting

  • Dry cut pieces in the dryer on low/cool for 5-10 minutes to eliminate "cuddle dust"

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