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Sewline Styla Water Erasable Pen
Sewline #FAB50034

Notion of the Month

The Sewline Styla glides smoothly across fabrics without snagging, fraying or damaging

SKU# Notion-FAB50034

List Price: $5.50

Regular Price: $4.98

Sale Price: $3.49 per pen

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Product Information
The Sewline Styla glides smoothly across fabrics without snagging, fraying or damaging the weave. The Styla draws a fine, smooth and even line with the ceramic 0.8mm roller ball.

The Sewline Styla free-ink system ensures even flow of ink which will be consistent to its full capacity. The tonal quality of the ink was formulated to be readily seen on white and light color fabrics, with a density that ensures it is readily and cleanly erasable.

The Sewline Aqua Eraser with its soft absorbent point is recommended for easy, convenient water erasing.
Additional Information
Product Type Notions
Notion Manufacturer Sewline
Notion Type Marking Tools
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You are currently reviewing Sewline Styla Water Erasable Pen
Sewline #FAB50034

Another Awesome Sewline Fabric Marking Pen Review by Sandy

These pens do make a nice, consistent line that is very fine, and they don't snag or jump along the fabric. It did take me a little while to realize that the ink hardly shows up when you initially mark your fabric. But give it just a few seconds and the marks become stronger and stronger. Before I figured this out, I would go over and over my marks thinking there was a problem with the pen!

With all of the over marking, to the point of the ink soaking into the batting, all marks would still disappear immediately, with just a fine mist of water. Where it had soaked into the batting, sometimes it took a couple of mists, or more water. It's never left any residue or shadow of the heavy marks, either.

My only real complaint, which is in line with the reviewer above: I went through a period where all of mine seemed to dry out almost immediately after opening them. This was so bad, that I quit buying them between what they cost and how long they (didn't) last. I've also seen this comment other places, as well as the comment that that seems to have been fixed.

I'm glad to see that's fixed and I'm going to buy a couple of new ones today!! Yay me!

(Posted on 3/28/19)

Better than the pink! Review by Amista Baker

I really love this pen. It has a nice ceramic roller ball for precision markings and the blue is not too dark but not too light either. It disappears as soon as moisture touches it which I love. I did have issues with the pink one drying up less than 34 hrs after using it for the first time (3 pens did this) but this one is much much better.

(Posted on 6/12/18)

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