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  • 8 Piece Bobbin TopperTaylor Seville #214248

    8 Piece Bobbin Topper
    Taylor Seville #214248

    These Bobbin Toppers will keep your bobbins organized on top of matching thread spools. Fits on all popular thread spools. Features a unique thread lock. Not intended for commercial large spools. Includes nine pieces.
    Price: $8.98 per package
  • Clover White Seam Ripper Clover #482W

    Magical Thread Easy
    Taylor Seville #217108

    Magical Thread Easy is the simple way to thread all of your needles! It features a magnifier and light to easily guide your thread onto all popular needle sizes and it can be used in your hand or standing on your table top for hands-free threading. The Magical Thread Easy also includes a traditional needle threader and one AAA battery.
    Price: $11.98 per package
  • Collins 36 Fabric Grips Collins #C18

    Thread Magic Thread Conditioner
    Taylor Seville #214033

    Thread Magic is the ultimate thread conditioner. Perfect for making thread stronger for less breakage, less fraying and less tangling. Safe for all machines, it leaves no residue in machine or tension disks. Can be used for machine sewing or hand sewing and is acid free.
    Price: $7.98 per package
  • Big Magic Clip 12 Piece SetTaylor Seville #2016022

    Big Magic Clip 12 Piece Set
    Taylor Seville #2016022

    The Big Magic Clips are perfect for binding and fit right under your sewing machine foot. Achieve precise sewing without removing your binding clips. Precise markings at .25", .5" and .625. Package includes 12 clips.
    Price: $15.48 per package
  • Iron On Easy Marking SetTaylor Seville #21707

    Iron On Easy Marking Set
    Taylor Seville #21707

    Taylor Seville's Iron-On Easy Marking Set includes 20 feet of iron-on fabric tape, tracks, stencils and a pen in a plastic case, perfect for labeling fabric with ease! Simply place the tape onto tracks, snap letters in place, trace and iron in place!
    Price: $14.98 per package
  • Mark and Trace 3 in 1 SetTaylor Seville #217085

    Mark and Trace 3 in 1 Set
    Taylor Seville #217085

    Taylor Seville's Mark and Trace Set includes seven pieces of premium European quality tailor's chalk and a sharpener. It has a smooth application and wipes off easily. The chalk is .25" in diameter and the tracing wheel is double sided with a smooth and serrated blade.
    Price: $15.98 per package
  • Clover White Seam Ripper Clover #482W New

    Wonder Grip and Thimble
    Taylor Seville #217122

    Wonder Grip and Thimble is a soft and flexible tool that fits both right and left-handed sewists. The surface is textured for a firm grip and the ridges and dimples make pushing and pulling a needle through the fabric a breeze.

    Price will be $7.24

    Expected ship date of October 2019

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Set Descending Direction

25 Item(s)

per page
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