Why You Should Join Block of the Month ProgramsWhy You Should Join Block of the Month Programs

7 Reasons Why You Should Join a Quilt Block of the Month Club to Grow Your Quilting Skills Faster

If you've stumbled across the mention of a Quilt Block of the Month club or seen the acronym BOM, you know you're a quilter. But what is a block of the month club and why should you join one?

A Block of the Month Club allows you to try new things and learn new quilting skills! Today we're giving you seven reasons to consider joining like-minded quilters and answering questions about how to get the most out of quilt Block of the Month clubs.

Benefits of Joining Quilt Block of the Month Programs

Block of the month programs are great for beginners because they help you build your quilt at your own pace. Plus, you'll receive fantastic support from fellow quilters that will encourage you block by block as you build your first quilt. Fat Quarter Shop offers a wide selection of quilt clubs and blocks of the month programs along with Sew Sampler monthly subscription box, cross stitch clubs, and a Aurifil Thread Club.

Here are some other reasons we think will help you with your next masterpiece.

Rose in Bloom Block of the Month Quilt BookRose in Bloom Block of the Month Quilt Book

1. A Special Delivery Each Month

Do you love receiving fun surprises in the mail? How about new precut quilt block patterns and quilt fabric each month? With a Block of the Month program, you'll get a new delivery to unwrap and sew each month. The blocks are released monthly over twelve, eight, or six months depending on the size and style of the quilt. This means that you only have one part to focus on every month and you can take your time making it because you have an entire month to complete it.

Many fellow quilters note they like that with Block of the Month subscriptions, they can work slowly and steadily with monthly installments.

2. Affordability

Another popular reason to join Block of the Month clubs is that the cost is spread out over time. After paying a small signup fee, there is a charge for each month's delivery, so you don't have to pay for the whole expense of the quilt kit up front.

Block of the Month Quilts & ProgramsBlock of the Month Quilts & Programs
How To Bind a QuiltHow To Bind a Quilt

3. Grow Your Skills

A Block of the Month club from Fat Quarter Shop can teach you new blocks and techniques. For example, a tutorial for how to bind your quilt step-by-step.

Some BOM's include stories that accompany each block. It's a chance to learn new things and expand your quilting skills. You could try joining a Block of the Month club that's slightly outside your comfort zone to allow you to tackle a new quilting skill.

4. It's a long-term project in bite-size pieces

We all know how successful we can be when we chunk big jobs into little tasks. When making a whole quilt, it's easy to get discouraged by the sheer amount of work needed to finish it. Enter the BOM, a perfect way to trick yourself into working on it, bit by bit.

Quilt Clubs and Block of the Month ProgramsQuilt Clubs and Block of the Month Programs
Quilting Block of the Month ProgramsQuilting Block of the Month Programs

5. Accountability

Are you the type of person who needs some outside accountability to help you finish a project?

Some people's lives are busier than others and it's easy to let creative projects slide when things get hectic. The monthly schedule of a Block of the Month club can help you stay on schedule, knowing that the next block is around the corner and you need to finish this month's block.

Many Blocks of the Month members say that they like knowing they'll receive a box with the supplies to sew one block every month and only need to make time for that one block. It helps them stay on schedule and finish their quilt instead of letting it fall through the cracks.

6. Exclusive and Limited-Edition Patterns

Exclusivity is something that great fabric builders always catches attention with. Many quilt patterns and designs in the Fat Quarter Shop’s monthly programs can help you gain exposure to new fabric designers.

Subscribers may receive unique and limited-edition patterns that can't be found elsewhere. It also means you have those patterns forever and can remake these exclusive quilts based on quilt patterns that aren't available to everyone.

Snail Trail Quilt Block Foundation PaperSnail Trail Quilt Block Foundation Paper
Designer Mystersy 2022 Block of the Month ProgramDesigner Mystersy 2022 Block of the Month Program

7. Community

Last on our list, but perhaps the most significant reason many quilters note loving Fat Quarter Shop's Block of the Month clubs is the community of quilting friends.

Many Blocks of the Month clubs come with the opportunity to join exclusive Facebook groups or connect on blogs or in-person groups with other quilters with similar interests. Some people make lifelong friends due to meeting them because they are both participating in the same Block of the Month club, like in our Designer Mystery Facebook Group. As with any club, Block of the Month can lead to connections and new friends!

Overall, there are many reasons to join a Block of the Month club. What will yours be?

Find a Quilt Block of the Month Program

Joining a Fat Quarter Shop Block of the Month quilt subscription makes creating your first quilt block by block easy and fun. Each month you will receive everything to make your quilt one block at a time, including all of the fabrics, instructions, and patterns. Work on it at your own pace until you're done or sew along with a community of other quilters!